For Parks & Recreation

Hassle-Free Rentals

Rental program for Parks and recreation include proactive monthly maintenance. No down time guarantee, all parts in stock for on sight repair and monthly cleaning and disinfection. Turnkey programs, hassle free, no worries….

We Take Care of the Maintenance

We take care of the dirty work so you can focus on your community! Monthly routine maintenance is included with the rental program.

We make sure electronics are working properly.

We make sure batteries are holding a good charge.

We provide any maintenance needed.

We clean and sanitize each chair.

This Chair Meets Florida’s Parks and Recreation OPDMD Requirements

Due to its narrow width, this chair meets OPDMD requirements. This chair is simple to use and includes safety features such as:

Shoulder / Chest Harness

Low Center of Gravity

Fixed Speeds

Custom Seating & Specialty Drive Inputs (available upon request)

A Safe Way for Disabled People to be Included

Patrons are securely strapped in with the shoulder harness and seat belt. The low center of gravity provides a safe travel over any rough terrain. The tracked chairs stop automatically when the toggle is released.

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