Our Mission

It is our mission to make these chairs readily available and affordable to people with disabilities or limitations. This chair not only removes the feeling of being a burden, but allows for active inclusion in all activities.

Meet the President

As I sat in front of this historic wall, I visualized my own dream. The ability to participate in our past usual activities, beach/sand, snow/skiing, hiking, playing with the kids in the yard.


I’m a paraplegic of 28 years. I have only dreamed about this type of freedom. I was a three sport athlete with a football scholarship. I am a 1992 Paralympic Gold and Bronze medalist and World Record holder. I started Fairfax County Virginia’s Wheelchair Sports Program with five teen and pre-teen kids. Since then, they have grown substantially, adopted the name Fairfax Falcons and are a nationally recognized and ranked Sports program. My dream now is to help others with disabilities and limitations, experience this type of freedom.

A Minority-Owned Business

Certifications include:

  • Minority-owned business

  • Disabled-owned business


  • DBE


  • DOBE

  • DSDP

  • FL-OSD

  • MBE

  • SWAM

  • D&B # 833163004

  • Cage Code # 7HB96

Made in the USA

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